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How the machine works

Cryolipolysis cool shape machine is a new non-invasive way to gently and effectively reduce fat in targeted areas of the body which results in a noticeable reduction in natural looking fat in the treated areas.

The triglycerides in fats will be converted to solids especially at low temperatures. What makes the Cryolipolysis cold machine procedure different is that it uses advanced cooling technology to selectively target fat bulges and eliminate fat cells through a gradual process that does not damage surrounding tissues.

Utilize the explosive effect of the Nd: YAG laser, the laser penetrate the epidermis into the dermis with picosecond, then break the pigmentation into pieces.  Finally the pigmentation eliminated through body’s metabolic system.

The SalushapeS system is a non invasive body shaping device that uses focused Pulsed Ultrasound, also combines cavitation and Bipolar Radio Frequency to immediately and selectively destroy fat cells without down time and pain for all the parts of the body.

New Hydra Tech facial dermabrasion machine

SkinPro machine, combined with absorption, pain free, The funnel part of the hair follicle opens and removes metabolic waste from the skin, providing adequate and lasting nutrients for the skin, It is an essential nursing procedure before the instrument photoelectric operation SkinPro machine can make the water molecule atoms smaller and oxygen easier to dissolve in the space between atoms, the vacuum circuit is formed by the negative pressure of the vacuum, make the ultra-fine bubbles and nutrient solution they are completely combined. The specially designed spiral suction head acts directly on the skin and promotes the peeling effect SkinPro skin Deep cleansing machine, is used for closed acne, mites. this machine has different tip sizes. can be used multiple times, water carving and peeling equipment, can be peeled and regenerated at the same time.This machine without the needles. Spiral Remove dead skin, replenish moisture.

It is particularly effective for the buttocks and abdomen. It uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) field technology to induce short-term bursts of strong muscle contraction, resulting in increased muscle density, reduced volume, improved clarity and improved tone.

Working theory

808nm Diode Laser System, uses a very special laser with 808nm long pulse width, can penetrate the hair follicle, using the selective light absorption theory, the laser can preferentially be absorbed by the hair melanin, and then heat the hair shaft. hair and the hair follicle, in addition to destroy the hair follicle and the organization of oxygen around the hair follicle. When the laser hits the area it adapts with a special cooling technology to cool the skin and protect the skin from injury and achieve a very safe and comfortable treatment.

Megashape K226

EM-Sculpt Body Muscle Building Device

Magshape is a multifunctional tool for body shaping and muscle building.

Uses HIFEM technology, the energy can reach 0-7 Tesla, the maximum frequency can reach 100Hz, suitable for muscle building, shaping, gain muscle mass, melt fat, exercise the waist line and lift the hips , good for general health.

Fractional resurfacing is a new laser treatment modality that creates numerous microscopic thermal injury zones of controlled width, depth, and density that are surrounded by a reservoir of spared epidermal and dermal tissue, allowing for rapid repair of laser-induced thermal injury. This unique modality, if implemented with proper laser-delivery systems, enables high-energy treatments while minimizing risks.

Treatment Principle

Accelerates blood circulation for improved collagen fiber regeneration and increased metabolism.

A 650nm laser and 630nm PDT are utilized to enhance Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) activity in subcutaneous tissue. ATP is the main energy transmission medium between cells to encourage tissue metabolism.The 650nm laser and 625nm PDT stimulate blood flow and carry both oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles, while an 808nm laser aids penetration – all of which greatly reduces the progression of hair loss.


As a integrated solution, HIDL-2000 MIX combines the benefits of all 3 wavelength 808nm, 755nm and 1064nm. which has different laser characteristics. Targeting different tissue depths as well as structures within the hair follicles. Thus to the greatest extent to ensure the effective result and painless. HIDL-2000 MIX is operating at a wavelength of 808nm/755nm/1064n, the gold standard in laser hair removal.

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